About Us

on Thursday, 04 October 2012.

Who are Barkers Attorneys?

About Us


Barkers was founded in 1932 and has grown into a prominent and trusted firm of attorneys and commercial advisors. The partners of Barkers Attorneys are Dylan Bohnen, Michael Brouckaert, Troy Chiocchetti, Romy Croxford,  Chris Finlay, Dean Fonseca, Esti Lombard, Julian Murdoch, Niki Potgieter and Carla Roberts.

Our core team is supported by more than 40 associates, assistants and administrators.


At Barkers, we merge the technicalities of the law with the requirements of business and the individual. We avoid rigid departmentalisation so that we can give a wider range of thought to any given subject. We strive to maintain our exceptional level of service and our impressive record of success through our dedication and our unique  approach to your affairs.


Barkers is proud to have been awarded its B.E.E. status by EMPOWERDEX. At Barkers we recognise the importance of Black Empowerment and regard it as an integral part of the future of our firm.